COVID Update

Update as of 5/24/2020
In an effort to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC as well as the local authorities, we hadchosen to wait to reopen Exit until we could see how the number of new COVID cases wereprogressing. Because local cases are currently on the decline, we have chosen to reopen ExitChurch in person starting Sunday, June 7th, 2020 so long as the numbers continue todecline. We will hold one service at 9am, and implement the safety guidelines we describedbelow as well as others that we will release prior to June 7. Please note- if COVID numbersstart to show an increase, we may postpone our in-person services until a later date. Ifyou, your family, roommates, etc. feel uncomfortable with returning to in-person services, wecompletely respect your opinion. We will continue to record services on Sunday mornings andpost them online as soon as we can (hopefully the same day or the following day) so that youcan still engage with us from a distance. We love you, Church, and look forward to seeing you inperson again.
-Tyler, Forrest & Gen
Update as of 5/13/2020
As a pastoral staff, we want to say thank you for the ways in which you, the Exit family, have supported us during this time–through your prayers, encouragements, financial support, time/energy serving in the food outreach, etc. We feel so loved by you, and we desire to continue to serve you as we move forward. If you or anyone in your family feels uncomfortable with returning to in-person services due to health/safety reasons, we respect your decision and will still desire to connect with you (feel free to reach out to us as well! We certainly don’t want to overlook you!). We still plan to record video of services for the foreseeable future and post as quickly as we can after the service (please note that it may be Sunday afternoon/evening or even Monday, depending on if any tech challenges arise). We love you church and we look forward to seeing you again in person. See our detailed plan below. 
– Tyler, Forrest and Gen